Air-Turnover System

The Air Turnover System efficiently heats large industrial spaces with the minimal amount of equipment. This system unit pulls the hot air from the higher elevations back to the floor level where it is the most beneficial. This ensures warm air circulates throughout the building, instead of getting trapped at the ceiling, to improve overall building temperatures and worker comfort. The system is designed to maximize efficiency, provide long-lasting, reliable heating, and minimize noise.

Standard Features
  • Construction: All-welded, double wall insulated
  • Material:
    • Exterior: Painted over galvanized steel substrates
    • Interior: Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Exhaust: Power venter exhaust flue with integrated VFD control to a non-linkage burner
  • Service: In-house Moffitt team that can handle all operations over the life of the system
Your System Specifications

Each unit is custom built for your facility to ensure it best meets your individual needs. Fill out the form below to begin the process of selecting the right Air-Turnover system for your facility today.

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Product Testing and Certification
Moffitt Indirect Fired heaters are tested to comply with industry standards
Product Mounting
Moffitt Indirect Fired heater can be installed almost anywhere around a workspace. Inquire for details and requirements.