Moffitt Corporation

30Oct 2019
Large Moffitt Corporation Logo

Two years ago we updated our branding, our literature, and our website, but we only made a few small tweaks to our logo. Now we’ve totally reinvented it to better fit that branding and to better represent our message of Natural Ventilation Solutions.

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09May 2019
manufacturing problem solving

At Moffitt, we don’t see our team members as assembly people, we see them as Process Engineers. We take this view because we challenge our crew members to look at manufacturing problem solving. We want them to always ask “how do I make this process faster?” Or “How do I make my jobs safer?” Or

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10Jan 2019
Moffitt Corporation Logo

After more than 55 years in business, many companies become stagnant by continuing to do what works and failing to innovate. Moffitt however, continues to see substantial growth half-way through its fifth decade. Significant investments in manufacturing, the addition of a new commercial product line, and big changes to the team, have all contributed to

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