Moffitt Corporation

16Jul 2018
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Industrial Make-Up Air Units and How They Work Make-up air units (MAU) adjust air temperature and humidity in a building. Instead of recycling or recirculating the stagnating air already in the building, make-up air units bring in fresh air from the outside. This fresh air contributes to a better working environment. MAU units come in

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25Jun 2015

Congratulations Barbie Moffitt Corporation Retirement is a big deal. In our 55+ year history, only a few people have done it. Due to that fact it is a combination of joy and sadness with which we announce that Barbie Sumner has decided to retire from Moffitt Corporation. After 25 years of service Barbie’s last day

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14May 2015

Welcome Gabe Cansler Today we are proudly announcing our new West Regional Sales Manager Gabe Cansler. Gabe will be leading sales activity and rep relations for the new West Region office in Denver, Colorado. He is responsible for maintaining current relationships and developing new connections with engineers, contractors and plant contacts throughout the western United

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