The Moffitt Coltlite is a natural louvered ventilator suitable for natural day-to-day building ventilation. It also provides smoke control and natural daylighting, without electrical or operating costs. The Moffitt Coltlite is CE marked.

Each unit can provide inlet and extract ventilation for commercial and industrial buildings. Typical applications are hospitals, schools, shopping centers, apartments, and commercial buildings.

The Moffitt Coltlite is easy to install. It is delivered fully assembled for installation into a structural opening or curtain walling. It has a wide range of base profiles to suit most sheeting, curb or glazing applications. The frame is manufactured from tough, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, with stainless steel fixings, to ensure durability. The frameworks are narrow but large enough to contain / hide the motors.

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  • Overall Frame Depth: 47 mm
  • Frame Face Width: 30 MM
  • Outer Frames: extruded aluminum
  • Thickness of glass: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, or 28 mm
  • Maximum Opening angle: 90°
  • Glazing: Double glazed or frame-less single glazed overlapping louvers
  • Thermal Protection: thermally broken, non-thermally broken
  • Controls: electronic or manual

The Coltlite name is trademark of Kingspan Light + Air North America

Product Testing and Certification
  • EN 12101-2 (smoke ventilators)
  • EN 14351-1 (natural ventilators)
  • EN 14351-1 (façade elements)
  • CE marked
Product Mounting
The Coltlite is suited for installation into the façade of the building.