Considerations Before Choosing a Natural Ventilation System

One of the most important aspects of any building structure is the ventilation system. It is all too common to just choose the most common solution (air conditioning, ceiling fans, etc.) for a building, but finding the right ventilation solution for each facility is imperative. However, the buyer needs to evaluate the potential ventilation systems specification by specification. Consider the given structure and the people working inside of it. What is the ideal temperature range? What is comfortable and uncomfortable? When the full evaluation is complete, natural ventilation usually comes out on top.

In the industrial sector, two types of ventilation systems exist powered systems and natural ventilation systems. Powered systems are typically what we think of when we think of the term “exhaust fans.” This is the kind of system that is installed in most of the residential and commercial spaces throughout the United States for the past one hundred plus years. A natural system, on the other hand, works without the assistance of mechanical systems.

At Moffitt Corporation, we manufacture, design, and install natural ventilation systems for commercial and industrial structures. We have been designing ventilation for industrial facilities like steel mills, power plants, and more for over 50 years. When considering installing a new natural ventilation system, there are several things to think about before moving forward with plans for a new system. Fortunately, the ventilation design experts at Moffitt can help answer all these questions.

What does the natural ventilation system need to accomplish?

The first step is always to evaluate the purpose of the system. Management should consider if they are looking for a cooler temperature all-around, improved worker comfort in select locations, or superior building airflow through the building. Sometimes, a manager might just be looking at how he can save on operating costs.

At Moffitt Corporation, we work closely with our clients to determine the exact needs and specifications of their structures. We then design a custom system for that facility. Sometimes we find that only a few vents are needed, other times a more complex system of vents and louvers, or even a Pressure Gravity System® is required. Talking with a ventilation expert can help figure out what the system needs to accomplish.

What is the size of the area where the ventilation system?

The design team must find data for the building such as the specific size and location where the ventilation system will be utilized. It was also important to consider the outdoor environment and the internal processes that generate heat within the building. These issues are especially important as they let us solve the equations necessary for determining the proper inlet and exhaust equipment for the system. The team then uses design software to create a model system that matches a building’s measurements and to within a fraction of an inch. This allows for maximum efficiency in the system.

When is the new system ready?

Once the building’s needs have been established, and the system designed, the next step is to fabricate the equipment and install the new system. It is especially useful to have a single-source solution for this step to improve communication and reduce errors. The design team works closely with the fabrication team. This ensures that the ventilation system is up and running more quickly.

What is the best way to maximize energy efficiency?

Depending on the size of the building and its current powered HVAC costs, potential savings could be huge. Utilizing a natural ventilation system is one of the most effective and efficient infrastructure improvements an industrial building can make. As a natural system uses no energy it reduces the operating costs associated with cooling completely. This allows our clients to maximize airflow while minimizing the use of electricity.

Considerations Before Choosing a Natural Ventilation System from Moffitt Corporation

Moffitt Corporation offers an array of industrial ventilation services and products. These include custom design services and turn-key natural ventilation systems. We also manufacture, sell, and service ventilation products, including those for natural and gravity ventilation, axial fans, specialty fans, centrifugal plans, and heaters. Moffitt Corporation has been ventilation’s natural solution since 1961.

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