Q & A: CoolStream Evaporative Cooling

People often see the Moffitt CoolStream air conditioning unit and think its just another swamp cooler. That couldn’t be further from the truth. With its state-of-the-art engineering and advanced hygiene features it is leaps and bounds beyond the traditional evaporative cooling unit. See our Q&A below to learn more about the Moffitt CoolStream.

CoolStream air conditioningQ: What is the CoolStream?

A: Designed for commercial and industrial applications to cool outdoor supply air, The Moffitt CoolStream is an evaporative cooling and ventilation system that is highly efficient and extremely effective.

Q: What is the Science behind Evaporate Cooling?

A: In an evaporative cooling system hot external air is pulled in through a fan and drawn over a desorption medium. This medium a continuous water supply system keeps the medium moist and cools down the warm air as it passes through. The water evaporates and energy is removed from the air, which results in a reduction in the supply air temperature. The lower temperature air is then blown or ducted into the building to create a cooler space.

Q: What are the Operating Costs of the CoolStream?

A: The CoolStream requires only minimal amounts of electricity and water. In fact, it is up to 7 times more efficient than conventional air conditioning.

Q: Is the CoolStream Environmentally Safe?

A: The CoolStream is an environmentally safe, natural cooling option. It uses no refrigerants such as CFCs. It also uses highly efficient EC fans to reduce energy consumption. Overall, the CoolStream is reliable and requires minimal maintenance.

Q: Is the CoolStream the same thing as air conditioning?

A: No, the CoolStream is not an air conditioner. It uses water and adiabatic cooling to provide 100% cool, fresh outside air ventilation without chemicals. Of course it does not have the same impact as air conditioning either. A CoolStream will never make a space as cool as air conditioning will, nor can you set it to whatever temperature you want. That said, it is significantly more affordable in places like factories, warehouses, or shopping centers where air conditioning would be incredibly expensive.

Q: Is the CoolStream the same thing as a swamp cooler?

A: Sort of, but it’s quite a bit different form the traditional swamp cooler you might be familiar with. The CoolStream has a high level control system and hygiene and self-cleaning features that set it apart from a traditional swamp cooler. We say the CoolStream is the evaporative cooler that all other swamp coolers wish they were.

Q: Am I Going to Experience a Mold Issue?

A: The CoolStream was designed with this in mind within the industrial and commercial environment. The unit is self-cleaning. The first step is for the water to drain from the unit. The fan then continues to operate, letting the unit dry completely. This prevents the growth of any bacteria or fungus. As an add-on, there’s an optional UV light sterilizer. This UV light is used to kill any bacteria or fungus that may have the opportunity to enter. These help prevent mold and bacteria issues.

Q: What about Legionnaire’s Disease?

A: Legionellosis is not a concern with the CoolStream unit. The water in the CoolStream is continuously moving and constantly refreshing. This prevents the stagnant water environment in which the Legionella bacteria can grow. Additionally, the self-cleaning features, mentioned above, prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.

Q: Can I install just one CoolStream unit?

A: Unfortunately no, the CoolStream evaporative cooling unit requires a full system installation to work properly. Like air conditioning the capacity of the unit needs to be calculated in accordance with the size of the room and building. In a large space a single unit will generally not have the impact required to change the conditions throughout the space. Moffitt can help you determine what you need for

Q: What kind of service does the CoolStream require?

A: Moffitt encourages semi-annual service visits to make sure the CoolStream units are working as designed. Annual filter replacement and general air conditioner tune up work are also encouraged to make sure your unit runs efficiently. The Moffitt team can write a complete service plan for your facility during the bidding or installation process. Constant monitoring through the Cortiva control system also allows you, and Moffitt if you so choose, to see any issues as they pop up. The users can then adjust fan speeds, humidity levels, etc., to make sure the CoolStream is working at optimal functionality. Moffitt can make these observations and adjustments remotely.

The Moffitt CoolStream evaporative cooling unit

Colt and Moffitt have designed the CoolStream evaporative cooling unit to make-up for the shortcomings that accompany traditional cooling units. Our eye for innovation allowed us to apply the CoolStream in various applications and test its effectiveness above all else. When working with us, we’re your premier turn-key service company with the design, manufacturing, and installation amenities all encompassed into one. Call us today to learn more about the capabilities of the CoolStream in your building.

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