Fiberglass Ventilation

Fiberglass Ventilation

Moffitt is known for its Fiberglass Ventilation products. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of corrosive environments, our Fiberglass Ventilation products are made from premium grade polyester or vinyl ester resin. Moffitt provides fiberglass ventilators, louvers, and fans. Custom equipment is also available.

Fiberglass Hooded Roof Fans

Fiberglass Hooded Roof Fans are designed for commercial, industrial or institutional applications with a focus on chemical resistance in hostile environments.

Fiberglass Upblast Fans

Fiberglass Upblast Roof Ventilators are designed for standard duty roof mount applications for building exhaust.

Fiberglass Wall Box Fan

Moffitt Corporation FRP Wall Box Fans are a popular choice for building ventilation in corrosive environements.

Fiberglass Wall Louver

Fiberglass Wall Louvers are designed to provide maximum air flow at a minimum pressure drop and water entrance.

Fiberglass Inline Centrifugal Fan

The Fiberglass Inline Centrifugal Fans offers the efficiency and sound levels of inline centrifugal fans with the benefits of fiberglass construction.