Finding the Best Ventilation System for your Building

Natural ventilation is the process of structuring or using installations to funnel stifling air out of a building. Since warm air rises and cool air stays on the bottom, the best way to get rid of stifling air is to install ventilators that take the warm air away. Therefore, it takes a long time for a room to cool down once the A/C is turned on if there isn’t anywhere for the balmy air to go.

The Benefits of Natural Ventilation

industrial fan

Unfortunately, many industries and commercial buildings don’t understand how to get natural venting to work for them. They either just “tough it out” with minimal ventilation, or they spend lots of money on exhaust fans or air conditioning, assuming that’s the best option available.

That’s why it’s important for every plant manager to know all the options. Ask yourself how much ventilation you need, and “which option is best for my building?”

Hybrid Ventilation

If you think that the only options for ventilation are natural cooling or air conditioning, don’t feel bad, it’s a common notion. You see air conditioning all around the country in all types of buildings. For residential, commercial, and institutional buildings, it is just a part of daily life in the U.S. Alternatively, it can be prohibitively expensive or impractical to try to cool a large industrial building with air conditioning. In some instances, it can even be impossible considering the amount of heat in the process. That’s where hybrid ventilation comes in.


Hybrid ventilation uses natural methods when the weather allows for it, and powered equipment or A/C when it doesn’t. This solution can be amazingly effective, cutting costs dramatically without making buildings too hot.

An example of this would be a warehouse that uses TraidVent natural ventilators in addition to moderate air condition. The A/C is turned on for the hottest days or when the process is slowed down. Meanwhile those natural ventilators are useful when the weather conditions permit it. They can even be used in conjunction as we mentioned above, with the vents open and the A/C running at the same time. Proper design combines the methods for a very efficient and cost-effective solution.

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