Firelight – Protecting you from Fire Dangers

A building fire is a terrifying situation and completely disorienting for anyone involved. Of course it’s also incredibly dangerous. However, did you know the leading cause of death in a majority of building fires is not the fire itself, or structural collapse and accompanying debris, but rather suffocation? Fire thrives off of oxygen and greedily consumes it, leading to less air for the building inhabitants to breathe. This leads to smoke-induced suffocation. But what if we could change that, what if we had a solution to help save valuable equipment, the building, and most importantly the building’s inhabitants. That’s where the Firelight comes in.

firelight casement smoke ventTo prevent catastrophic loss following a building fire, Moffitt Corporation has a variety of smoke vents that serve as a viable solution for your building, including the Firelight. Let us go through the details as to why you need to invest in this life saving product.

What is the Firelight?

First of all, the Firelight is a natural casement roof ventilator. It provides natural smoke control, with the added benefit of natural daylighting. It is a ventilation opening utilized at commercial locations to help release any smoke produced from a fire. This helps expel the smoke so it will not suffocate those in the room.

Each Firelight has high aerodynamic, thermal, and acoustic performance ratings. Each and every component of the thermally broken flap and base is manufactured from EN AW 6060-T66 aluminum alloy. Therefore, it is strong enough to stand up the harshest weather conditions.

What Features to Expect?

The Firelight comes in three versions; the single flap, the single flap with high aerodynamic and acoustic performance, and the double flap. It comes in a variety of sizes from a width of between 1000mm to 2500mm, and lengths between 1000mm to 3000mm. The flaps can also come in a variety of finishes to better match the surrounding building. Furthermore, each unit mounts on the roof or a roof curb. It also mounts as part of a larger glazing system or in conjunction with roof sheeting.

There are several defining reasons as to why you should go with a Firelight as your choice for a natural smoke ventilator:

  • Proven efficiency
  • Superior Construction
  • Low Maintenance
  • Durable
  • Tested for top performance

Moffitt Corp.

Moffitt ventilation systems have been time-tested over 55 years. We’ve provided industrial & commercial ventilation systems since 1961, with projects throughout the U.S. and the world. Moffitt is one of the most trusted names in day-to-day ventilation and smoke control vents. In conjunction with Colt International Licensing Limited, UK, Moffitt makes the Firelight the best option for natural casement ventilation. In conclusion, if you would like to learn more about the Moffitt fire ventilator, contact us today!

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