Moffitt GulfStream air circulating fans provide an even stream of air around the warehouse or work area. These mounted units are often called “man cooler” cans because they focus a high-velocity jet of air directly on factory personnel. On average, they are more effective than pedestal fans for cooling a large space.



  • Direct drive motor.
  • High performance zinc-alum propeller.
  • Attractive deep spun 14 gauge steel housing.
  • Safety guards on both the inlet and exhaust side of fan. 1/2” mesh galvanized steel screen.
  • Motor mounting bracket designed to fit most standard off the shelf motors.
  • Power cord furnished (single phase units only.)
  • Fan housing coated with a thermally fused powered polyurethane black finish.
  • 2 year warranty.

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    Gulfstream air circulating fans are wall or column mounted with easy positioning adjustment.