HeatStream – HT180 Indirect Fired Heater

The HeatStream HT180 Indirect Fired Heater eliminates stagnant air, even in large open buildings, by recirculating the warm air with an indirect fired heater make-up air unit.

Warm air that would otherwise get trapped at the ceiling can be directed to where it can improve worker comfort. Remove colder air layers and maintain a thermal barrier with make-up air. Each HeatStream unit can also be designed to incorporate make-up air (MUA).

Each HeatStream unit is custom built for your facility to ensure maximum performance. Fill out the form below and we’ll help you find the ideal HeatStream unit for your facility.


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Product Testing and Certification
Moffitt Indirect Fired heaters are tested to comply with industry standards
Product Mounting
Moffitt Indirect Fired heater can be installed almost anywhere around a workspace. Inquire for details and requirements.