The MatrixVent low-profile natural ventilator provides weatherproof ventilation by exhausting heat and humidity from the building.

The unit prevents rain water from entering the building by collecting all water in its blades and then draining it away through its side channels. This keeps the the interior of the building dry. Each ventilator is made of aluminum to reduce weight and minimize wind load impact.


  • Aluminum Construction
  • Lightweight – good for hoisting and installation
  • Low profile – lessens the impact of the wind on the roof
  • Assembly on Ground or In-Place
  • Compact Shipping



  • Paint to color match in various material coatings
  • Optional materials of construction available
  • Birdscreen
  • Damper

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Product Testing and Certification
  • Airflow performance test tunnel
  • Weather tightness
  • Snow Loading
Product Mounting
The MatrixVent can be ridge, flat, single slope, or down slope mounted.

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