Moffitt Announces New Management Team Promotions

Moffitt is pleased to announce four new promotions: including two brand new additions to our Management Team.

First, Blake Edgeworth has been promoted to Executive Vice President – Managing Partner. Blake has been with Moffitt since 1996 and has served on the Management Team since 2009. Blake will now oversee day to day operations at Moffitt and will be the leader of the Management Team.

Kimberly Dove now serves as Vice President of Finance and Human Resources and her title will now include Managing Partner as well. Kimberly joined Moffitt in 2008 and has served on the Management Team since 2009.

Mark Hannah has been promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Mark takes over this role from Blake. Mark has risen through the ranks at Moffitt since he began as a Brand Manager in 2007.

Finally, Mike Berry has been promoted to Vice President of Operations & Engineering. Mike will oversee and lead all design engineering, product development, and manufacturing activities.
Mark and Mike join Kimberly and Blake on the Moffitt Management Team, reporting to the Executive Team lead by President and CEO John Moffitt.

“I am truly grateful for all of the talented and dedicated team members we have at Moffitt”, said John. “We are so fortunate to have Blake, Kimberly, Mark, and Mike to lead us into the 2020’s and beyond, to achieve our vision of being the best at helping people achieve sustainable building designs using Natural Ventilation Solutions.”

Please join us in congratulating Blake, Kimberly, Mark, and Mike on their new positions leading Moffitt through the Management Team.