Barbie Sumner plans Moffitt Corporation Retirement

Congratulations Barbie

Moffitt Corporation Retirement is important. In our 55+ year history, only a few people have done it. Due to that fact it is a combination of joy and sadness with which we announce that Barbie Sumner has decided to retire from Moffitt Corporation. After 25 years of service Barbie’s last day will be next week, Tuesday, June 30th. We are proud of Barbie’s career at Moffitt.

“Barbie and I started the same year back in 1989. I have never known Moffitt Corporation without her and her cheerful disposition. Her attitude provides me with encouragement. We will miss her.
Barbie has been a major contributor to our success over the years. Since day one she has been loyal, hard-working, and a good decision maker and an excellent ambassador for Moffitt. For the last two and a half decades she has spread the gospel of natural ventilation to everyone, everywhere she has gone.
I am overly excited about her being a grandmother full-time. Additionally, I know she is looking forward to traveling the world. Finally, we all wish her blessings for this next season of her life.”
-John Moffitt, President Moffitt Corporation
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