Updated Moffitt Catalogs

You've been asking for it, and finally it's here. The new and improved Natural Ventilation Catalog as well as the new Power Ventilation catalog, are now available. You'll soon be able to contact your District Solutions Provider to get one for yourself but for now you can find each catalog on our Products page. You can also click the catalog covers on this page to download too.

Read on to learn more about what you can find in each of our new ventilation catalogs.


Natural Solutions Ventilation Catalog

The Natural Solutions Catalog features products covered in our four main product categories. This includes natural ventilation, natural heat & smoke control, natural daylighting, and natural cooling. If you're looking for a Natural or Hybrid Solution, this is the place to look.

In its pages you'll find classic products like the RidgePac, EcoStream, and the MoffittVent, our flagship product since 1961. You'll also find some brand-new products as well. This includes the MatrixVent low-profile vent, the TriadVent dual-flap vent, and the DeltaStream adiabatic natural cooling unit.

Each spread features information about mounting, airflow, suggested heat-range, and more. We've packed the catalogs full of info to help you better understand how these products work.

Powered Ventilation Catalog

Joining our Natural Solutions catalog is our new Powered Solutions catalog. While we've been selling powered ventilation equipment like fans and heaters for decades, this is the first time this line has had a standalone catalog. This collection features fans in the Moffitt StreamLine such as the PressureStream units and UpStream upblast fans. It also showcases smaller fans for the work area like the MegaStream, GulfStream, and JetStream. Finally, you can also find make-up air units like the DualStream and QuadStream for larger areas, HeatStream heaters, and DeltaStream adiabatic natural cooling units too.

Units feature options such as variable frequency drives, building automation integration, and industrial-grade housing and props. Additionally, the catalog explains how each product works as part of a complete ventilation solution. Which really, is why a customer would choose Moffitt in the first place.

The Moffitt Difference

While other companies provide products, Moffitt provides solutions. Our catalog displays our products like any other, but the real benefit comes in the full solution. Whether it's natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation, or powered ventilation, our complete system design will help you ensure that you get the right solution for your facility. The catalog is the first step, but the journey really begins when you pick up the phone.

The Moffitt team can help you determine which solutions is right for your building. We'll look at the size, equipment layout, heat loads and more and tell you which equipment is right for you. We'll even show you where the equipment will go for maximum impact. As a bonus, we can even install the new solution for you with our MCI contractor network.

We hope our new catalogs are useful in helping you find your new ventilation solution.