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Roof Fan, Wall Fan

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GulfStream, MegaStream, JetStream

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UpStream Fans

3100-3300, 3400, 3700-HT

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Adibatic Cooling Unit

Moffitt Wall fans

Moffitt streamlines the fan selection process.

We will look at your layout, your process, and your building to find the right powered ventilation solution for you. We can tell you whether you need to cool the work area with a personal cooling fan like the GulfStream or if you need to cool the whole building with a Dual or Quad Make-Up Air Unit.

Balance power with energy efficiency and figure out how to get your ventilation to meet your expectations, with a complete ventilation solution.

Moffitt can you find the right fan the first time.

The Moffitt Difference

Almost 60 years ago Moffitt started as a one-man operation near Pittsburgh, PA. That one man, Bill Moffitt, gave every job his personal attention. That commitment carries on today with the entire Moffitt team.

The Moffitt Difference can be seen in our sales, design, service, and installation departments. Led by our project coordinators, they all work together to give your project the attention it deserves.

Bill Moffitt Big Fan

The Benefits of Powered Ventilation

Do You Want a Quick Fix or a Long-Term Solution?

consistent air

Consistent Stream of CLEAN, Fresh Air

cool intake air

Directs cool air to where its needed

warm air exhaust

Exhausts heat from problem areas

fume and humidity exhaust

Removes Heat, humidity, and fumes

Sturdy and Reliable Fans

Durable, Industrial Housing & Props

Variable Frequency Drive

Variable Frequency Drive controls

ventilation controls

Automated controls Improve Efficiency

dual and quad fans

Dual / Quad units Boost airflow

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Find your new ventilation solution today.

Powered Ventilation By Design

At Moffitt, our sales engineers develop ventilation solutions for facilities of all shapes and sizes. This includes; steel mills, forges, foundries, factories, power plants, glass plants, warehouses, and more. We design systems for new construction projects, new retrofitted systems, and equipment replacement.

You simply tell us about your facility, and what you're trying to achieve, and we'll provide you with a new powered ventilation design. That includes selecting the right fans, showing you where to put them, and showing you how they work together as a complete ventilation solution.

Best of all, our ventilation design service is always FREE. So contact us today for your free, no obligation, powered ventilation solution.