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Moffitt Corporation was approached by a local engineer and a local contractor to ventilate a new data center in Quincy, Washington. Data centers hold dozens, if not hundreds of computer servers. These systems run around the clock and subsequently produce a lot of heat. Without proper cooling the computers would quickly overheat and breakdown.

Natural ventilation is a good method for cooling a space like this. A natural ventilator gives all of that heat produced an organic evacuation point leaving the interior cooler.

The Labyrinth natural ventilator was selected for this project. Its high air-flow coefficient and lightweight design made it the perfect fit for the building. As the Labyrinth results in a minimal impact on the roof structure, the building requires no support modifications.

Project Summary

  • One (1) Labyrinth ventilator 144” × 120’
  • Twelve (12) Labyrinth ventilator 8’ 6” × 63’ 1”