The RidgePac small natural air ventilation system is designed to be mounted on the ridge of the building to ensure maximum warm air exhaust. This natural ventilator has been designed to be highly efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and an excellent value with low-cost per CFM.

Made of galvanized steel, RidgePac units are available with throat sizes measuring 12” thru 36”. Custom orders are available with a variety of optional features.

Furnished in self-contained ten-foot modular units, the RidgePac is made for fast and easy installation. Units sit end-to-end with one another, overlapping to ensure that there are no gaps or leakages. As such, they can fit any building, regardless of length, and can be used in any application.

Vents may be furnished with or without dampers to control the flow of air. Pull chains are the standard operators for dampers. Multiple damper operators are available for two or more units.


Standard Features
  • Throat sizes 9” – 36”
  • Lengths 10’ – 1000’+
  • 10’ sections for continuous run installation
  • Bird Screen – galvanized 4 x 4 mesh
  • External Construction – 26-gauge exterior
  • Internal Construction – 24-, 20- and 18-gauge.
  • Finish – Galvalume or Polar White finish
  • Installation Instructions


Optional Features
  • Dampers
  • Operators
  • Special Materials
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless Steel
  • Finish
    • Custom colors
    • Kynar® coating

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Product Testing and Certification
  • Airflow Performance Modeled
Product Mounting
The RidgePac is designed for ridge mounting only. Anchor connection is standard.