commercial ventilation

03May 2018

Providing a comfortable work environment is one of the most important concerns for every business. People don’t perform at their best if they are in an uncomfortable building, leading to a drain on company morale. That is why more and more architects and engineers are consider the natural roof ventilator for their commercial buildings.

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07Jan 2017

Which Ventilation System is Right for Your Building? An Industrial ventilation system is complicated. When designing a ventilation system numerous factors are involved. The height of the roof, the temperature of the process heat, average wind speed, and building materials can all have an effect on the building’s ventilation. Consequently, The Moffitt team knows the

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21Oct 2016

Ventilation for the Heavy Commercial Sector. Moffitt Corporation is known around the world for expertise in industrial ventilation solutions. But did you know we also provide equipment for the heavy commercial ventilation market as well? That’s right, while we do most of our business in foundries, mills, and power plants, we also offer a variety

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