natural venitlation

15Jun 2017

Save CO2 to Save the Trees It would take 5,317,777 trees to save as much CO2 as the MoffittVent™ did in 2016.  This eliminates the 135,078 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) that would have been produced by using powering exhaust fans.  This energy is saved and the CO2 disappears by switching to natural ventilation.

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06Jun 2015

Keeping Cool with Wind Effect Ventilation Cross ventilation (also called Wind Effect Ventilation) is a natural method of cooling. The system relies on wind to force cool exterior air into the building through an inlet (like a wall louver, a gable, or an open window) while outlet forces warm interior air outside (through a roof

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10Jan 2014

There’s no question that green building construction and efficient commercial ventilation design have hit its stride in mainstream adoption. When government agencies are adopting such standards and telling their departments to use them whenever possible, some may say that the trend has truly become established. As a result, it’s important for construction companies and interior

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