14Jul 2016

Let Warm Air Out and Sunlight In. Studies show that we work better in environments with plenty of sunlight and fresh air. The importance of natural ventilation & daylighting in the U.S. is still under emphasized. Buildings all over the world have seen its benefits in schools, offices, and industrial plants, but the U.S. is lagging

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11May 2016

What Does Natural Ventilation Mean To You? Natural ventilation definition: the process of pulling fresh air into a building from the outside. In turn, this fresh air helps force the warm, dirty air inside of the building out through the opening in the roof. This becomes done, without mechanical assistance. While that is the definition,

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19May 2014

The easiest way to describe how natural ventilation works is that it cools a space without mechanical energy. It effectively provides efficient cooling via passive ventilation. Natural ventilation is an extremely user-friendly way to remove hot air from an indoor space, with no maintenance costs or upkeep.

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