Vent Selector

The Vent Size Selector will help you find the right size natural ventilator for your facility. Click here for more info about our ventilators.

Questions? Read the step-by-step instructions below.

The Vent Size Selector helps you find the right size natural ventilator for your facility.

  1. Ventilator Info: Select the type of vent you think will be the best fit for your building. Different building types and industries have different ventilator needs. Compare some of our top units on the Vent Comparison Page.
  2. Building Dimensions: Enter your building's dimensions, including average roof height and peak height.
  3. Environmental Info: This includes average building temperatures, temperature rise throughout the building and the optimal number of air changes per hour for the building. The drop down menu for building type will provide you with an estimate for air changes per hour.
  4. Louver Info: Height and width of louvers, as well as the desired degree of opening. The louver type will vary depending on a buildings needs.

Upon submission you will see the suggested ventilator length and width and the resultant air flow rate. If you see a field in red, that means the resultant size is not suitable for the chosen type of ventilator, and that you should choose a different vent model.

Contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance with the vent selector.