Brick Manufacturing | Sugar Creek, OH

Belden Brick

MatrixVent natural ventilator
MatrixVent natural ventilator

Belden Brick was constructing a new “setting area” in their factory. This new addition included a mezzanine area above the existing work floor. Unfortunately, the area was found to be too hot because of the heat spreading from the kilns.

Moffitt looked at the building and determined that placing vents directly above the kilns would let the warm air to escape the building closer to the source. This would increase airflow, lower indoor temperatures in both areas, and prevent the warm air from migrating throughout the facility.

Moffitt supplied, manufactured, and installed two (2) MatrixVent low-profile natural ventilators above the kiln. The vents were installed parallel to the peak, next to an existing ridge vent. When completed, Moffitt projected the two new vents would decrease the temperature rise throughout the building.

Project Summary

  • Two (2) 10.5’ x 20’ MatrixVent low-profile natural ventilators