Hybrid Ventilation Systems

Hybrid Ventilation System

Hybrid Ventilation is ideal for buildings with lower ceiling height and/or less heat emanating from the process. This system utilizes natural ventilation and powered ventilation together. One example is a Pressure Gravity System® which uses passive natural ventilation for exhaust and powered sidewall fans for enhanced air intake.

Each Hybrid Ventilation solution utilize a complete building approach to achieve the right solution for the given facility. By combining ventilators and exhaust fans in a way that works with the buildings natural airflow, more effective and efficient systems can be designed.

This allows for a more comfortable environment where the plant personnel are working without wasting energy to cool spaces that don't need it. State-of-the-art computer control systems are often used determine the right conditions and adjust the system accordingly. With a Hybrid System, Natural Ventilation Solutions can be put to work in facilities where it may have previously been impossible.

Benefits of Hybrid Ventilation

  • Benefits of natural ventilation (when possible)
  • Improve indoor air-quality
  • Remove humidity, smoke, and fog
  • Reduce operation & maintenance costs
  • Increase fresh air at the operating floor
  • Improve personnel comfort
  • Increase evaporative cooling effect
  • Create a positive pressure environment

About Hybrid Ventilation Solutions

Unlike a roof exhaust fan system, a Hybrid Ventilation Solution makes the fans more easily accessible for maintenance. Additionally, the cool, clean air means less wear and tear on the motors, belts (if belt-drive), and fan blades. Additionally, a hybrid solution provides the ability to easily increase air-flow capacity throughout the entire facility.

Contact the Moffitt team today to start on your new ventilation solution design. We can show you how much of a difference a hybrid ventilation solution can have on your building. Create a better environment in your facility today, with a hybrid ventilation solution.