Ventilation Systems

Moffitt designs a variety of Ventilation Systems to provide the best solution for your facility.

Natural Ventilation System

Natural Ventilation provides non-powered cooling by allowing air to move through the building naturally. Convection exhausts warm air through the ventilator while cooler air pushes in through the side wall openings.

A natural ventilation system cools more effectively and more efficiently, while also reducing maintenance & operation costs.

Hybrid Ventilation System

A Hybrid Ventilation System is one in which both Natural Ventilation and Powered Ventilation techniques are used. One such system, a Pressure Gravity System® uses  wall fans to push warm air out of the building through a natural ventilator.

A Hybrid Ventilation System is often the right solution for lower temperature facilities and buildings in areas with changing weather seasons.

Powered Ventilation System

In facilities where Natural Ventilation might not be the best option, or in facilities that just need to fix their current system, a Powered Ventilation System is the best solution.

A Powered Ventilation System can pull warm air, humidity, and smoke out from the building at the ceiling level. This type of system can be crucial for facilities with low roofs or crowded work areas.

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Finding the Right Ventilation System