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Natural Ventilation is our core focus, and we always pursue the natural solution when developing system designs. Of course we also offer other systems for situations where natural ventilation needs some assistance. See below to learn more.

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Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation provides non-powered cooling by allowing air to move through the building naturally. Convection exhausts warm air through the ventilator while cooler air pushes in through the side wall openings. A natural ventilation system cools more effectively and more efficiently, while also reducing maintenance & operation costs.

Pressure Gravity Ventilation®

A Pressure Gravity System® uses positive pressure air, provided by wall fans, to push warm air out of the building. Utilizing a natural ventilator for exhaust, a Pressure Gravity system is the perfect choice for smaller, lower temperature facilities.

Powered Ventilation System

When a building's ventilation system requires a boost, a Powered Ventilation System is the best solution. Using powered fans to pull out warm at at the ceiling level, can be vital for facilities with low roofs.

Hybrid Ventilation System

Some days of the year have perfect conditions for Natural Ventilation. Others are less ideal. A system that uses powered temperature control when required and natural ventilation the rest of the time is a perfect compromise.