Powered Ventilation

Powered Ventilation

In some instances Natural Ventilation may need an extra boost. In those cases Powered Ventilation is there to provide it. Fans, when used in conjunction with natural ventilation, create a Pressure Gravity System.


The PressureStream is designed for commercial and industrial applications. It can be used for supply or exhaust.

Hooded Roof Fan

Moffitt 8100-8300 Hooded Roof Fans are some of our most popular and flexible products. These fans are used in both industrial and commercial applications in a variety of industries.

Wall Fan

Moffitt Corporation industrial axial wall fans are ideal for commercial and industrial building ventilation.

Tube Axial Fan – TA1000

The TA1000 Tube Axial fan is designed for applications where higher volumes of air are required at lower static pressures.

Tube Axial Fan – TA2000

The TA2000 Tube Axial Exhauster is designed for applications where higher static pressures are required.