Our History

Moffitt Corporation has been providing industrial ventilation solutions for over 50 years. Our history stretches back to 1961 when Bill Moffitt (Pictured right, with John Moffitt) started the company with little more than some blueprints and a passion for ventilation.

From a small office near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Moffitt Corporation provided ventilation equipment to steel mills and foundries all around the Northeast. Moffitt Corporation was known for its Gravity Ventilators and its superior industrial ventilation service.

In the early 1980s, Moffitt Corporation relocated to Jacksonville, FL. At this new location, Bill expanded the product line to include powered ventilation equipment.

Bill and John Moffitt

This allowed Moffitt Corporation to expand and grow as new opportunities arose. Moffitt soon began to offer ventilation contractor services and opened Moffitt Mechanical in 2005. Moffitt was now able to offer complete turnkey services and become a one-stop-shop for ventilation.

A steady footing in production and installation allowed Moffitt to refocus on market expansion in the late 00s and early 10s. Moffitt began to take on more international jobs with partners like Colt International. Then, it expanded its U.S. sales force by establishing a system of Regional Sales Managers throughout the country.

Bill Moffitt Our History

In 1993, with business booming and their current set-up no longer able to meet demand, Moffit opened its first factory in Le Roy, NY. This 50,000 ft² was founded to manufacture all of Moffitt Corporation's ventilation equipment and accessories.

With an expert manufacturing team, the factory allowed Moffitt to catch up with the demand of the booming industrial market of the 1990s.

Moffitt Corporation Today

Over the years, Moffitt Corporation has grown from a one-man operation in the Northeastern U.S. to a large company with team members around the globe. What used to be called Gravity Ventilators are now called Natural Ventilators, and new technologies like CFD modeling are used every day.

Fortunately, a lot has remained the same as well. The company is still lead by a Moffitt. John Moffitt, Bill's son, carries on his father's legacy as President. John has inherited Bill's passion for industrial ventilation and dedication to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied. John leads Moffitt Corporation from the corporate headquarters in Jacksonville Beach, FL. He continues to spread the message of natural ventilation and environmentally friendly natural solutions. That is why we've been Ventilation's Natural Solution since 1961.

Moffitt Team

March 2017

Moffitt Corp Team Photo