Ventilation Installation

Moffitt Mechanical is a specialty ventilation contractor that exclusively installs industrial ventilation equipment. Our team has decades of Ventilation Installation experience, dating back to the beginning of Moffitt Corporation in 1961. No other contractor has the industrial ventilation and natural ventilation experience that you’ll find with Moffitt.

Moffitt Mechanical installs a variety of products including:

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Natural Ventilation

  • MoffittVent natural ventilators
  • MatrixVent natural ventilators
  • Ridgepac natural ventilators
  • Triad ventilators
  • Gravity Ventilators
  • Wall Louvers
  • and more

Specialty Ventilation

  • Pressure Gravity Systems®
  • DeltaStream natural cooling units
  • roof fans & wall fans
  • heaters
  • make-up air units
  • specialty ventilation equipment
  • and more.

Moffitt is a licensed mechanical contractor throughout the United States. Currently holding licenses in over 40 states. We have worked on every type of roof including high roofs, steep roofs, and roofs with limited access. This also includes standing seam roofs, built-up roofs, and roofs currently under construction. Our team works on both new construction and retrofit projects.

Finally, our Project Mangers work hard to coordinate an installation schedule that works with your operations. We strive to complete our work without interrupting yours, by causing minimal interruption to your process.


Safety is the first order of business for every job.

At Moffitt, we develop a site-specific safety plan for each project. Before we begin any work on a new industrial ventilation project we assess the associated risks of that job. Our team then writes a safety plan specifically for that site detailing the jobs challenges, required precautions, etc. This safety plan is then reviewed with the team prior to the beginning of work each morning at the toolbox meeting.

At Moffitt, our mission is to be prepared for anything and to prevent problems before they start. Moffitt is committed to providing a “Zero-Incident, Zero-Accident” job site.


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