Natural Intake

Natural Intake

Natural Intake supply air is the key to having an effective natural ventilation system. Natural Intake, through wall louvers and side-wall openings, bring cool, fresh air into the space and push the warm air through, ultimately creating more pleasant conditions for the building’s occupants.

EcoStream 90 Wall Louver

EcoStream 90 wall louvers are designed for heavy commercial and industrial applications. These louvers are fabricated from formed aluminum. This ensures they can withstand the harshest industrial conditions while still being light enough to easily open and close.

EcoStream 45 Wall Louver

The Ecostream wall louver line is designed to introduce cool, fresh outdoor air into the facility. Options include fixed or adjustable blades, drainable or non-draniable configurations, and more.


The LightStream hinged window is suitable for everything from commercial to industrial applications. When mounted low on the wall it allows cool, fresh air to be drawn in; when mounted up high it allows warm air to exhaust. When the unit is closed it provides ample daylighting through its translucent panels.