Natural Daylighting

Natural Daylighting

Adding Natural Daylight to a building is sure to boost morale and increase productivity. With a Natural Daylighting device a facility can get more sunlight, for much less cost. Plus, since most of the Moffitt Daylighting units are also ventilators, the building will get fresh air too.


The Labyrinth Natural Ventilator uses aerodynamically designed baffles and louvers to provide persistent and consistent weatherproof ventilation. The Labyrinth name is trademark of Colt International Licensing Limited, UK


The LightStream hinged window is suitable for everything from commercial to industrial applications. When mounted low on the wall it allows cool, fresh air to be drawn into the space. When mounted up high it allows warm air to exhaust. When the unit is closed it provides ample daylighting through its translucent panels.

Moffitt Firex™ automatic heat & smoke vent

The Moffitt Firex is an automatic heat and smoke vent designed to restrict fire from spreading by extracting heat and smoke. Protecting the building, its personnel, and its contents.


The Apollo offers day-to-day natural ventilation and daylighting for heavy commercial to industrial facilities. It's dual opening flaps let warm air flow naturally out of the building.

Apollo ATI

The Apollo ATI is designed for commercial and industrial day-to-day ventilation / daylighting with an option for inclement weather.


The MoffittVent™ is one of the most effective and efficient natural ventilation device on the market today. It is capable of exhausting large volumes of warm air from a building without letting any rain enter the building.