Aluminum Rolling | Lewisport, KY

Commonwealth Rolled Products

MatrixVent natural ventilator
Moffitt MatrixVent low-profile natural ventilator

Commonwealth Rolled Products was experiencing some intense heat issues, even for an aluminum plant. Temperature on the overhead crane would reach up to 200°F during the summer. Worker morale, and even long-term safety, meant that they needed to get that hot air out of the building.

Moffitt supplied, manufactured, and installed eight MatrixVent natural ventilators onto this plant. These vents allowed for the hot air to natural exhaust through the roof.

Now, when the production team opens the furnace doors for loading, heat screams out of the MatrixVent units. Today, the temperature is almost half of what it was before. Recently, temperatures in the same area had dropped to 108°F, when it was 85°F outside.

Management, staff, and everyone at the plant has called Moffitt their heroes.

Project Summary

  • Eight (8) 10’-4” × 26’-8” MatrixVent ventilators with motorized damper and cricket.
  • Ventilation Installation