Auto Part Die-Casting | Sugar Creek, OH

Ahresty Wilmington

MatrixVent on Die-Casting Factory roof

Wilmington performs die-casting, finishing, machining and assembly operations for the automotive industry. Their process generates a ton of a heat, which can be dangerous and very uncomfortable for the floor personnel. Fortunately, that is just the sort of situation for which Moffitt is the solution.

Our team visited the site to assess the situation. The Moffitt ventilation engineers designed a natural ventilation solution. This system utilizes MatrixVent natural ventilators to exhaust the hot air, and ES90 wall louvers to bring in cool, fresh air. Overall, this will greatly improve air movement around the employees.

A Moffitt Certified Installer (MCI) then completed the turn-key service. As a trusted contractor trained and approved by Moffitt, this MCI was able to provide expert installation. This made the whole process as seamless as possible for our client! Once the new solution was installed there was a noticeable difference in the work environment. Everyone at the plant was incredibly thankful for the much-needed improvements!

“I think this is the start of a great relationship. I would like to personally thank your team for helping us to improve our working environment in the melting area for years to come.”

Project Summary

  • Two (2) 10.5’ x 20’ MatrixVent low-profile natural ventilators