Ladder Safety

29Oct 2015

Balancing Act – Keeping Safe on a Ladder At Moffitt, we use portable, non-self-supporting ladders in every aspect of the work we perform. In the factory, we use them to access equipment and lighting. In the office, we occasionally use them for routine maintenance and repair access. And of course, on the job site, we

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05Aug 2015

Everyone figures that they’ll be able to catch themselves when they fall but the fact is you’re often falling before your body can even think of reacting. An average person’s reaction time is half a second. In that amount of time, a person will have already fallen four feet. Catching yourself is not a plan

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10Mar 2014

Ladders are essential for many of our daily tasks in homes, offices, and work sites. Because ladders are so common people assume that they know how to use them properly. As workplace safety is a top priority for most industrial companies is it crucial that every employee knows and follows ladder safety tips. But always

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