Natural Smoke & Heat Ventilation

Natural Smoke & Heat Ventilation

Natural Heat & Smoke Ventilation can help save equipment, the building, and most importantly, workers’ lives in the event of a fire. A fusible link opens the vent automatically in the event of a fire; allowing the smoke to escape the building. Some of these devices are not used for general building ventilation. Learn more about natural ventilation for passive smoke ventilation and climate control.

Moffitt Coltlite

Coltlite is a natural louvered ventilator suitable for natural day-to-day building ventilation, natural daylighting, and smoke control.

Moffitt Firelight

The Firelight is a natural casement roof ventilator, suitable for natural smoke control. It has high aerodynamic, acoustic and thermal performance, providing extract ventilation for most kinds of industrial and commercial buildings. It is particularly suited for installation into glazing systems.

Moffitt Kameleon

The Kameleon is a thermally broken, glazed natural casement ventilator suitable both for day-to-day and smoke ventilation through the façade. Both flap and base frames have thermal breaks. It is particularly suited for installation into glazing systems.

Moffitt Firex™

The Moffitt Firex is an automatic heat and smoke vent designed to restrict fire from spreading by extracting heat and smoke. Protecting the building, its personnel, and its contents.


The Apollo offers day-to-day natural ventilation and daylighting for heavy commercial to industrial facilities. It's dual opening flaps let warm air flow naturally out of the building.

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