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Coastal Plywood

MatrixVent natural ventilator
ventilation duct drop
PressureStream duct drop

Like so many reconstituted wood mills Coastal Plywood was having an issue with hot, stagnant air. The lack of supply air, as well as insufficient exhaust, led to a lack of air-flow, and high temperatures throughout. This was particularly a problem right in the dryer area and the main work area.

Moffitt designed a Hybrid Ventilation Solution to resolve this issue. Mounting MatrixVent natural ventilators on the roof, some perpendicular to the peak and some parallel, provided plenty of openings for the warm air to escape. Roof supply fans with duct drops were also implemented to provide a steady supply of fresh air to the work floor.

MCI partner WW Gay worked fast, without sacrificing quality, to complete the project. In fact they even worked at night and on a holiday to adjust to a last minute schedule change.​

Project Summary

  • Ten (10) 10’ × 20’ MatrixVent Natural Ventilators
  • Two (2) 10’ × 25’ MatrixVent Natural Ventilators
  • One (1) 10’ × 15’ MatrixVent Natural Ventilators
  • Four (4) HF8136 36” Roof Supply Fans with duct drops