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Enter your building's ideal air-flow rate in the box below to see how much you can save with natural ventilation. You'll see how much more powered ventilation costs, and how natural ventilation pays for itself in just a few years.

See below for definitions and Contact Us to review your results.

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The "Initial Desired CFM Total" is how much air needs to be moved through a facility to ensure a comfortable environment. This rate of airflow is expressed as cubic feet per minute, or CFM. It can be found with the following equation.

  • CFM = (V x ACH)/60
  • CFM = Cubic Feet per Minute
  • V = Building volume
  • ACH = Air Changes per Hour in the building. Click Here to see the recommended air changes for your facility.

Results of the Cost Calculator are for rough estimates only. Contact our sales staff for a more accurate cost estimate.