Moffitt Certified Installer Network

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The Moffitt Certified Installer (MCI) network is a nationwide team of subcontractors (union and non-union) prequalified and certified by Moffitt. Each certified MCI receives technical training on Moffitt-specific products, on-site supervision, and on-going support from Moffitt engineers throughout the duration of the project.

In return, Moffitt can count on a highly trained, local labor source to address our customer’s needs quickly and effectively.

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What does the MCI network mean for our customers?

The four advantages of the MCI program are:

  1. Excellent Customer Service from local installers who understand the value of staying on time, on budget, and reducing process interruptions as much as possible.
  2. The highest Quality installations performed by trained, skilled tradesman.
  3. Safety focused operations designed with the worker and customer personnel in mind.
  4. Hand-picked, prequalified subcontractors interested in the two-way opportunity of building relationships, results in a higher level of Professionalism and integrity.

What makes a contractor want to join the MCI network?

Relationships. At Moffitt, relationships are the most important part of our business. That is why we have District Solutions Providers throughout the country. They are there ensure our customers get the attention they deserve. It also allows us to develop local relationships that make the MCI network successful. It is only natural that we would also want installation partners in each of those areas for the same reasons.

Relationships with customers to ensure the highest quality installation and repairs, relationships with local vendors for prompt material procurement, and a great relationship with Moffitt to be transparent in our system design and training.

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How Does A Contractor join the MCI network?

Each contractor is prequalified based on their quality, professionalism, commitment to safety, and focus on customer service. This includes a prequalification questionnaire including information on business structure and operations, insurance, services performed, safety and health performance, and previous projects.

Once qualified, but before the first subcontract is written, a Moffitt representative meets with each subcontractor in-person to approve their addition to the MCI network.

If you're interested in joining the Moffitt MCI network, contact us today. We're always looking for new partners so please don't hesitate to inquire.