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Ventilation is a major concern for data centers. The computer servers run around the clock and subsequently producing a lot of heat. Without proper cooling the computers would quickly overheat and breakdown. As a result, powerful, reliable ventilation is required to ensure sufficient building cooling.

When building a new data center in Quincy, Washington the engineer and contractor really took time to consider all the options for ventilating their building. Instead of just putting a bunch of fans into their building, they considered natural ventilation. They discovered that Natural ventilation is a great method for cooling data centers. A natural ventilator gives all that heat produced an organic evacuation point. It provides continuous, steady ventilation, to keep the interior cooler. Furthermore, it incurs no electricity costs and requires no maintenance.

A low-profile natural ventilator was selected for this project. Its high air-flow coefficient and lightweight design made it the perfect fit for the building. As the ventilator's results in a minimal impact on the roof structure, the building required no support modifications when installing the vents.

Project Summary

  • One (1) low-profile ventilator 144” × 120’
  • Twelve (12) low-profile ventilator 8’ 6” × 63’ 1”