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Adiabatic Natural Cooling Unit - DeltaStream
DeltaStream natural cooling
DeltaStram duct drop

O-I of Muskogee, OK contacted Moffitt for a ventilation solution to lower the temperature near the Hot End and Lehr areas. The lack of supply air and high temperatures were leading to heat related problems for employees. After performing a site-visit to obtain temperature readings, Moffitt developed a CFD model for the new system.

The solution called for four (4) DeltaStream natural cooling units, directly above the hottest areas. The adiabatic cooling units could then supply cooled air into the building where it would then be pulled across the work floor. The warm air would then exhaust through the existing Clamshell ventilator and MoffittVent.

Moffitt also handed installation for this project. First they removed the roofing membrane at the target locations. Next, the installed the flashing for the new curbs, water piping, electrical hookups, control panels, and more. Finally, the team was on-hand for system start-up.

This project follows the previous phase where Moffitt installed eight (8) adiabatic cooling units. The team at O-I was so impressed by the results, as well as outstanding customer service, that they knew just who to call to get their next ventilation solution.

Project Summary

  • Four (4) DeltaStream adiabatic natural cooling units.
  • Duct Drops and Directional Turns