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Data Collocation

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Compute North provides data collocation facilities for crypto-currency mining operations. If you are unsure what cryptocurrency is or the various ways it is used, you may want to look into its background and see how it can be utilized in a myriad of ways, from investing in stock markets to funding online casino games such as slots and poker (read more here), it truly is fascinating what can be done nowadays with online currency. As a result of this 'mining', bitcoin miners tend to need large buildings with lots of computers that have to stay cool. They don't want to be worrying about computers overheating, their time is going to be best spent looking for the best platforms to trade their crypto on (they might find this libertex erfahrungen review to be helpful). Compute North needed to find a way to do keep the building and equipment cool while still keeping expenses low for their customers. That's what led them to natural ventilation and Moffitt. The money saved by cooling the building without adding electrical or maintenance costs is significant.

Moffitt proposed three (3) 80' low-profile natural roof ventilators for data collocation. Each ventilator was installed down a slope, positioned over the server racks' hot air exhaust. This provides a natural evacuation point for the built-up heat in the building.

The installation team tackled challenges as they came and completed the job on schedule. Compute North was satisfied with the final results.


  • Three (3) 80' low-profile natural ventilators