Compute North | Big Spring, TX

Data Collocation

Long Labyrinth
Long Horizontal Labyrinth

Compute North provides data collocation facilities for crypto-currency mining operations. The tremendous increase in value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has led to the emergence of new crypto mining equipment. As a result of this 'mining', bitcoin miners tend to need large buildings with lots of computers that must stay cool. Compute North needed to find a way to do keep the building and equipment cool while keeping expenses low for their customers. That's what led them to natural ventilation and Moffitt. The money saved by cooling the building without adding electrical or maintenance costs is significant.

Moffitt proposed three (3) 80' low-profile natural roof ventilators for data collocation. Each ventilator was installed down a slope, positioned over the server racks' balmy air exhaust. This provides a natural evacuation point for the built-up heat in the building.

The installation team tackled challenges as they came and completed the job on schedule. Compute North was satisfied with the results.


  • Three (3) 80' low-profile natural ventilators