Rubber Factory | Dailan, China

Goodyear Tire


Moffitt Corporation designed and manufactured the natural, ventilation system for this large tire factory in Dalian, China. The company chose natural ventilation because they had three major concerns with the building.

  1. Worker Safety (smoke release in case of fire)
  2. Natural Lighting (to lower energy costs)
  3. Building Ventilation and Cooling

That meant that Natural Ventilation, and specifically the MoffittVent™, was the perfect choice for this facility. The continuous opening ensured there was an effective way to evacuate smoke in case of emergency. while also allowing ample sunlight to enter.

Of course, the MoffittVent is also designed to provide effective and efficient ventilation and keep the building cool and comfortable for the workers inside.

Project Summary

  • MoffittVent ventilator 474 m2 of 600 mm
  • MoffittVent ventilator 5,203 m2 of 1200 mm
  • MoffittVent ventilator 376 m2 of 3000 mm