Aluminum Recycling | Bicknell, IN

Scepter Inc.

RidgePac ridge ventilator
ridgepac wide

The Scepter Group specializes in recycling aluminum scrap and dross. The plant needed a solution for the hot, stagnant air, fumes, and smoke that resulted from the molten metal process in the caster facility.

Moffitt suggested a one hundred feet long Ridgepac natural ventilator running along the peak of the building. The building was cooler and more comfortable right away, as the hot air and fumes naturally exhausted through the ventilator.

This Ridgepac is made of galvanized steel and provides a weather protected opening that allows stifling air and smoke to exhaust without rain or debris entering. Plus, its design makes it quick and easy to install.


The management at the Waverly, TN facility was so pleased with the results of the Ridgepac that they recommended it to their sister facilities in Indiana and New York. Both of those plants have subsequently installed Ridgepac natural ventilators as well.

Project Summary

  • One (1) 24" Ridgepac natural ventilator, 100' long