Electrical Wire | McKinney, TX

wire manufacturing


Encore Wire, a manufacturer of aluminum and copper wire products, had an unfortunate heat problem. The upper furnace level of this McKinney, TX facility was reaching temperatures of 140°. Moffitt was called in to help solve this problem. Moffitt looked at the air flow of the facility and determined that the heat from the manufacturing process was getting trapped in the tower’s ceiling. The good news was that the very hot production process and high ceiling, made this building an ideal candidate for natural ventilation. Moffitt Mechanical supervised the installation of the Double Labyrinth natural ventilators on top of the galvanized tower. The ventilators were assembled on the ground and then hoisted into placed on the ridge. When coupled with the intake air from the open dock doors, a very effective natural ventilation system established. Since installation building temperatures of about 85°-90° have on record at the work floor. The building is much less smoky and the interior is also brighter as well. The interior environment is now both cooler and more comfortable.

Project Summary

  • Two (2) 10’ 6” × 20’ Labyrinth natural ventilators
  • Two (2) 10’ 6” × 70’ Labyrinth natural ventilators
  • Ten (10) Intake wall fans with Rain Hoods