Foundry | Ardmore, OK


Labyrinth vents and CoolStream natural cooling
Labyrinth vent
Labyrinth ventilator

EJ USA foundry needed to update its ventilation to improve employee morale and retention. During the summer, indoor temperatures rose to 110°F+, making work conditions inhospitable. Fans were not a feasible solution because they stirred up the silica and posed different health problems. After attending a demonstration at the Moffitt factory, and getting an on-site design consultation, EJ management knew Moffitt could help them find a ventilation solution.

Moffitt installed four (4) Labyrinth vents over the molding area to provide an exhaust point for the hot air. Allowing the hot air to vent immediately lowered internal temperatures. Six (6) CoolStream natural adiabatic cooling units were then installed above the finishing area. With the hot air removed by the Labyrinth vents the CoolStream units were now able to introduce cool, below-ambient air toward the floor

After both phases were complete temperatures recorded at floor level were notably more comfortable, up to 20° cooler in some locations. Employees have commented on the improvement in temperature and morale has already improved.

Project Summary

  • Two (2) 10.5’ x 20’ Labyrinth ventilators
  • Six (6) CoolStream S natural cooling units.