Paper & Packaging | West Point, VA


MTX units
Moffitt wall louvers

A few years ago representatives from WestRock stopped by the Moffitt booth at a major paper industry trade show. They were seeking new ventilation for several facilities. They wanted a vendor that could make the building cooler, but first and foremost they needed a partner they could trust. Fortunately, Moffitt has the expertise to lower building temperatures and the customer service needed to form long-lasting relationships built on trust.

First, the Moffitt team studied the buildings to find temperatures at important areas of the facility. The data was then input into a CFD model which allowed our team to get the exact layout in the most important areas of need, as well as showing how different solutions would impact temperatures in different areas. The new design called for MatrixVent natural ventilators and a series of wall louvers. The CFD model projected a drastic temperature decrease at the mezzanine and floor levels, where the employees work.


The team at WestRock were very impressed! The new design decreased temperatures and made the building much more for the employees. Additionally, the customer was also blown away by how affordable the new solution was up-front and over time. That’s the power of natural ventilation!

Project Summary

  • Eight (8) 5’ × 40’ MoffittVent™ natural ventilators