Paper Recycling | Shreveport, LA

Pratt Industries

Moffitt Labyrinth natural ventilators on tall building
Natural ventilation before and after
Paper Plant CFD model

Pratt Industries needed to upgrade the general ventilation systems in the Machine Hall, Pulper Area, and Extraction area at their Shreveport, LA facility.

The goal of the new system was to lower temperatures during warm weather conditions, evacuate moisture to reduce the rate of corrosion on the building structure, reduce the level of fogging during cold weather operation, and to create minimal operational impact in energy use and service.

Moffitt designed a CFD computer model illustrating a new system consisting of several Labyrinth natural ventilators throughout the complex. These units would improve airflow throughout the building, lowering temperatures greatly in certain areas.

Upon inspection the following summer, Moffitt determined that the new ventilation system exceeded expectations, lowering the temperature an even greater percentage than the model anticipated. Whereas it was originally 105° F at the operating floor it is now 92° F.

Project Summary

  • One (1) 10’-6” × 230’ Labyrinth ventilator
  • Two (2) 10’-6” × 30’ Labyrinth ventilators
  • Two (2) 10’-6” × 25’ Labyrinth ventilators
  • Three (3) 10’-6” × 60’ Labyrinth ventilators