Natural Gas | Pearsall, TX

South Texas Electric Co-Op

wall fan intake with hoods
industrial wall fan in natural gas
natural gas plant wall fans with 90 degree hoods

The Pearsall Natural Gas Power Plant for the South Texas Electric Co-Op combined Moffitt powered wall supply fans and MoffittVent™ natural ventilators to create a highly efficient Pressure Gravity Ventilation system. The intake fans push supply air in through the sidewalls at the worker level, keeping the floor staff cool. As the air gets warmer it then vents out through the ceiling. This style of ventilation established when a building’s height makes it unsuitable for natural ventilation. The project designed, supplied and installed by Moffitt. Moffitt worked with engineering company, Burns & McDonnell as well as general contractor Lauger Companies to complete this job. Twenty-five 54” Moffitt fans equipped with adjustable frequency drives. This provides cost and electrical savings by reducing energy by allowing the volume of air moved to match the system demand.

Equipment Summary

  • Twenty-Five (25) 54” Filtered Wall Supply Fans with rain hoods, bird screens & filter box with hinged access doors & motor operated dampers.
  • Four (4) 72” x 144’ MoffittVent natural ventilators with Motor Operated Dampers
  • Interior 2-Way Diffuser
  • Adjustable Frequency Drives & Starters