industrial cooling

09Aug 2016

Adiabatic Evaporative Cooling Keeping workers cool and comfortable is a concern for every commercial or industrial factory. This is especially relevant during the relentlessly hot summer months. However, natural ventilation is not always ideal and air-conditioning units are too expensive. Moffitt Corporation recognizes the need for a reliable cooling system that is energy and cost

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14Jul 2016

The Four Pillars of Moffitt Products Jacksonville Beach, FL – June 14, 2016 – Moffitt Corporation, Inc. (Moffitt) announces the debut of the Natural Solutions products line. The Natural line adds new non-powered and low-powered equipment to Moffitt’s existing Natural Ventilation line.

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20Nov 2015

Natural Ventilation Can Improve Your Worker’s Productivity Studies show that we work better in environments with plenty of sunlight and fresh air. While Natural Ventilation in the U.S. is still underutilized, buildings all over the world have seen its benefits in schools, offices, and industrial plants. Properly lit, properly ventilated spaces make everyone more efficient. That

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