Zone of Occupancy

Zone of Occupancy Ventilation

The Zone of Occupancy (ZOO) method is all about making workers comfortable. A combination of several different cooling techniques to supply cooler air to specific locations in the workspace. This helps make the interior environment more comfortable within the specific work zone.

Duct drops, wall fans, and other ventilation devices are used in conjunction with one another to make sure cool air is delievered exactly where you need it. The Moffitt Zoo method allows you to focus just on the problem zones, ensuring your staff is comfortable where they work. Ventilating by zone allows you to improve the working conditions within a specific area without trying to control the temperature throughout the whole building.

This approach also allows the building owner to implement ventilation improvements in accordance with their budgets. By utilizing the Zoo method, priority can be placed on the most problem areas first, with later improvements implemented as the budget allows. There's no need to try to air condition the whole warehouse when you just need to focus on the worker area. The Zoo method is ventilation made smart.

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