Hooded Roof Exhaust Fan, Versatile & Efficient

The Moffitt Hooded Roof Exhaust Fan is perfect for moderate pressure environments. These roof exhaust fans are powerful, reliable, and highly customizable to best suit your building’s needs. With Moffitt Corporation you don’t have to settle for a fan that is “close enough”. We strive to find you the ideal ventilation solution for your facility. We can accommodate a variety of factors such as shape and size, horsepower, body material, construction type you need for a hooded roof exhaust fan.

The High-Performance Roof Exhaust Fan

Hooded roof exhaust fan
Hooded Roof Exhaust Fan

Our Roof exhaust fan sizes range from the standard 12″ diameter blades all the way up to large fan blades with a diameter of 120″. Moffitt can even meet specific dimension requests to better fit into certain spaces. Roof exhaust fan housings are available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. A steel housing means the fan is better able to stand up to heavy wear and tear while an aluminum body allows the fan to operate in more hostile environments.

Of course, you’ll also need a fan blade that can stand up to hostile environments as well. Aluminum or fiberglass exhaust fan blades, with cast aluminum hubs, sit at the center of each fan. Each unit has a galvanized stainless-steel interior. Each fan blade is statically and dynamically balanced. This ensures a smooth, long-lasting operation.

The industrial hooded roof exhaust fan is available in both Direct Drive and Belt Drive models. Belt drive models keep the motor out of the way of the air flow, which is especially useful in high heat environments. A direct drive motor, however, sits right by the fan blade itself. This eliminates the need for the belt, which is often susceptible to breakage.

The roof exhaust fan discharge can be directed throughout the building using supply duct extensions. 2, 3, and 4-way airflow extensions are available. These roof exhaust fans ensure the intake air goes exactly where you want it to on the work floor.

Hooded Roof Exhaust Fan Options

CURBS: Roof curbs ensure the fan fits properly. Additionally, a roof curb will more effectively channel water away from the opening. Curbs are used to mount a fan on any roof pitch or slope.

HORSEPOWER: The hooded roof exhaust fan is available with different horsepower options and CFM capacities ranging from 5,000 to 100,000+. Adapt your fan to ensure the proper amount of air is moving through the facility. Improve ventilation system efficiency, and cut down on power usage, when you choose the right powered roof exhaust fans.

SOUND DAMPERS: Add sound dampers to meet decibel level requirements. You can also add bird screens to keep wildlife out and hood tie downs to keep the equipment in place. Choose hood roof exhaust fans certified to stand up to 100 mph winds in high activity storm areas.

The Moffitt Difference

Finally, our Hooded Roof Exhaust Fan offers you flexibility unmatched anywhere else. We can customize your roof exhaust fan to better meet your needs. Furthermore, our team of experts will help you find the ventilation solution that best meets your building specifications.