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PRIME-LINE ventilation
PRIME-LINE ventilation for mdf manufacturer
PRIME-LINE ventilation

Moffitt designed a natural ventilation system for the MDF Manufacturer Prime-Line, Inc. in Malvern, Arkansas. This system consists of two (2) 200’ long Thermoflow natural ventilators for electricity-free ventilation.

Prime-Line chose a natural ventilation system because it allowed them to take advantage of their local energy company’s generous efficiency improvement incentive program. Entergy the local power company who, like many other regional utilities in the U.S., provides incentives for certain improvement projects if they will make a building more energy efficient.

Moffitt Corporation’s natural ventilation system design will achieve 495,267 kWh ($35,000) in annual savings. That would have otherwise been spent on powering rooftop fans. As a result of these huge savings Entergy offered the full incentive available totaling 75% of the cost of the new ventilation system.

In the end, Prime-Line saving several thousand dollars on energy costs each year. Also, they were able to use the incentive from Entergy to save money on the initial investment as well.

Project Summary

  • Two (2) Thermoflow low-profile ventilators 200-6 × 10